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A Childs school student is On Time, On Task, and On a Mission!

Kindergarten registration is now open for September 2019.  Registration closes May 31, 2019



Dear G W Childs Families, Welcome to the new school year! We open for students in kindergarten through  eighth grade on Monday August 27, 2018 at 8:20. Please note the new opening  time. All students must come through the front door on 16th Street, and the doors  will not open until 8:20. All students will report to the auditorium. Students in  grades 6 to 8 will report to the balcony of the auditorium, and students in grades  kindergarten through fifth grade will report to the mezzanine of the auditorium.  Teachers will be there at 8:30 to pick up students and bring them to their classes.  Parents must leave their children at the front door as there is not enough room for  parents in the auditorium.  This year brings a lot of exciting experiences for our children. We will continue to have Philly Pops and our choir; the WHYY Media Lab; Enchantment Theater for  our fourth graders; Koresh Dance for our third graders; Ballroom Dancing for our  fifth graders; and much more! Childs is implementing the Blended Learning Model this year. This means that  your children will use the Lexia Reading online program for reading in grades K  to 5 and Achieve 3000 in grades 6 to 8; and i­Ready for Math in grades K to 8.  The students will spend 20 minutes to half an hour each day in class working on  the computers, and they can spend as much time as they want on the programs at  home! This is a great way for children to make rapid improvements in reading and math.  We also hope that many more parents will get involved with our school. We have  the monthly parent and School Advisory Council meetings, and we encourage  parents to attend the N.I.C.E. monthly meetings as well. The school needs more  parental involvement to get our new playground initiative off the ground.  Enjoy the rest of your summer. Remember that children should arrive between  8:20 and 8:30. After 8:30, students will be considered late. Do not send them  before 8:20 because there will not be anyone to supervise, and children will not be able to get in the building if it is raining.


Dr. Eileen Coutts, Principal

Message from the Principal

Dear Childs Community,

As the principal of this great school, I can guarantee your children will receive a first class education! Our teachers are dedicated to making sure every child reaches his or her potential. They are devoted to the children and work hard to assure that every child feels loved and safe. We make sure that our students are “On time, on task, and on a mission!”

We offer special programs, such as after school math tutoring,  mentoring through Dream Academy, ballroom dancing, and CHOP. We have a socialized recess with organized games. We have a full service lunch room with delicious food served daily.

We have a recently formed Home and School Organization that we urge all families to join. We have a School Advisory Council for parents, teachers, and community members to help steer the school towards achieving its educational goals.

Childs Elementary is a jewel in South Philadelphia. It is a place of serious education and a place where people of all cultures are valued and respected.

I urge you to come by and visit our school!


Dr. Eileen Coutts, Principal