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Programs at Childs Elementary

Ballroom Dancing                                                          N. E. E. D. Inc

Boy Scouts of America                                                 N.I.C.E

CHOP – Friend to Friend                                              Philly Pops

CHOP – Praise                                                                Quaver

Eighth Grade Yearbook Committee                           Rodeph Shalom

Enchantment Theater                                                   Student Council

Flag Football                                                                   Students Helping Students

Foster Grandparent Program                                      Students Run Philly Style      

Girl Scouts of America                                                  United Communities

Koresh Dancing                                                              U.S. Dream Academy

Little Kids Rock                                                              WHYY Media Lab

Math Tutoring



Here’s a clip from the WHYY Media Lab after school club:



Watch a clip of our students practicing for Students Run Philly Style





Our school’s reading exchange event was May 18, 2018.  Thanks Ms. Smart for organizing this fun event!

3rd and 8th grade girls got cozy in the hallway since the classroom was crowded!


Brother and sister reading together!


A 2nd grader reading to his 7th grade buddy




Last modified: October 12, 2018