Due to a fire and water damage, People For People Charter School, located at 800 N. Broad St., will be closed on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. All after-school activities, including all athletic programs and professional development sessions scheduled for Wednesday, are canceled as well. Anyone with questions can contact (267) 767-5930 or dwest@peopleforpeople.org.

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About Us

Our Vision and Mission


 All children who complete their education at G. W. Childs will acquire interpersonal and academic skills to be successful high school students and productive community members.

Our mission is to achieve this vision by:


Creating a safe, caring environment for All
Providing rigorous, differentiated instruction in all content areas Using literacy attack strategies across content areas
Using critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies
Providing intensive behavioral and academic interventions at an early age
Incorporating service learning
Using a full and effective application of technology
Promoting a positive self image
Developing a meaningful partnership between the school, parents, and community
Modeling and teaching manners and mutual respect.In order to achieve this bold initiative, everyone including staff, children, parents, and community members, have agreed, through mutual cooperation, to make these aspirations a reality!

Last modified: December 22, 2017