Our Faculty and Staff

Administrative and Support Staff

PositionNameRoom #Email
PrincipalDr. Eileen CouttsMain Officeecoutts@philasd.org
SecretaryMs. K. GloverMain Officekglover@philasd.org
CounselorMs. M. Kyser109Amkyser@philasd.org
School NurseMs. S. Checchia119schecchia@philasd.org
Climate ManagerMs. M. Primus-Jones410mprimus@philasd.org

Children's Literacy Initiative

Ms. A. Smart204

Grade Teachers

GradeTeacherRoom #Email
KMs. R. Leslie121rleslie@philasd.org
KMs. K. Melnick103kmelnick@philasd.org
1Ms. B. Medley-Hall105bmedley@philasd.org
1Ms. M. Parfitt106mfosterparfitt@philasd.org
1Ms. H. Fry208hfry@philasd.org
2Ms. T. Guy212tguy@philasd.org
2Ms. J. Schoffstall214jschoffstall@philasd.org
2Ms. A. Tsafos215jatkinson@philasd.org
3Ms. S. Widerman209swiderman@philasd.org
3Ms. N. Watt210atsafos@philasd.org
4Ms. J. Rowland201jkottke@philasd.org
4Ms. M. Way216mdway@philasd.org
5Ms. E. Lawson305elawson@philasd.org
5Ms. J. Mong306jmong@philasd.org
6 & 8 MathMs. Y. Roadcloud-Green404yeroadcloudgreen@philasd.org
7 Math, 8 AlgebraMs. S. Morrell402smorrell@philasd.org
6, 7 ELAMs. J. Ellis411jellis3@philasd.org
7, 8 ELAMs. G. Martin409glmartin@philasd.org
6-8 ScienceMr. W. Bell407wbell2@philasd.org
6-8 Social StudiesMr. J. Myhre408jmyhre@philasd.org

Special Education

ClassTeacherRoom #Email
Learning Support/ Multiple Disabilities Support 3-5Ms. A. Coleman312acoleman3@philasd.org
Learning SupportMs. V. Burke-Johnson105Avburkejohnson@philasd.org
Learning SupportMs. M. McLaughlin315mamclaughlin@philasd.org
Emotional SupportMs. S. DiSimoni304sdisimoni@philasd.org
Intensive Learning SupportMs. B. Lutek311blutek@philasd.org
Life Skills Support K-2Ms. B. Kelly107bkelly@philasd.org
Life Skills Support 3-5Ms. B. Hoey314bhoey@philasd.org
Life Skills Support 6-8Ms. D. Kulesa406dkulesa@philasd.org
Multiple Disabilities Support K-2Ms. V. Luu224vluu@philasd.org
Multiple Disabilities Support 3-5/S.E.L.Ms. J. Gemerek222jgemerek@philasd.org


E.S.O.L. 1-5Ms. S. Bandtlow-Phusommai217sbandtlowphusommai@philasd.org
E.S.O.L. 3-5Mr. J. Feinman309jjfeinman@philasd.org
E.S.O.L. 4 & 5, 6-8Ms. L. Jafir206ljjhonson@philasd.org


ClassTeacherRoom #Email
ArtMs. A. Hedrick302ahedrick@philasd.org
MusicMr. A.Taber301ataber@philasd.org
Physical Education/HealthMs. P. FullerGym (Wharton St.)pfuller@philasd.org
Physical Education/HealthMr. L. DouganGym (Latona St.)ldougan@philasd.org
TechnologyMs. D. Laut310dlaut@philasd.org

Head Start

Room #TeacherEmail
001Ms. M. Pollonimpolloni@philasd.org
002Ms. C. Harringtoncrharrington@philasd.org
Room #Teacher Assistant
001Ms. D. Brown
002Ms. D. Brown

Classroom Assistants

Room NumberClassStaff Member
107Life Skills Support K-2Ms. S. Barr
107Life Skills Support K-2Ms. L. Hayward
107Life Skills Support K-2Ms. D. Wenig
220Multiple Disabilities Support 3-5Ms. C. Fraker
220Multiple Disabilities Support 3-5Ms. S. McKnight
224Multiple Disabilities Support K-2Ms. G. Height
224Multiple Disabilities Support K-2Ms. S. McGeorge
304Emotional Support K-8Ms. T. White
Learning SupportMs. S. Ellerbee
311Learning SupportMs. S. Williams
314Life Skills Support 3-5Ms. E. Caruso
314Life Skills Support 3-5Ms. T. Pasley
406Life Skills Support 6-8Ms. V. Henderson
406Life Skills Support 6-8Ms. S. Williams

Bus Attendants

Room NumberClassStaff Member
103SupportMs. K. Jenkins
121SupportMs. D. Lewis
314Life Skills Support 3-5Ms. M. Shoultz

Custodial Staff

Mr. K. Burrows
Mr. T. Carruth
Ms. D. Stevens
Ms. A. Banks
Ms. T. Rowe
Ms. M. Davis